Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is, “What is your genius?”

Individualized services tailored to the specific learning profile of each unique neurodiverse learner that are effective and engaging, and incorporate brain-based best practices.

Collaborative planning and strategy-building discussions for specific situations or ongoing support.

Individualized strategy-building in the areas of planning, executing, and evaluating to help you reach your goals.

Individualized support in starting / building a private practice or using therapeutic materials & personalized presentations for administrators and faculty.

Using a variety of assessment tools, we gather information about students' needs to plan for individualized intervention.

Individualized professional Supervision and support for members of AET, allied professionals, interventionists and teachers.

Classes and individualized support tailored to your family's needs and your student's individual learning profile.

Tools & recommended resources for educators and parents.

Success Stories

“Bonnie’s support is one of the surest investments we make all year. She not only keeps our daughter on track with her schoolwork, but goes the extra mile to make it fun.” - JJ (parent)

Ms. Massimino worked with our daughter through middle school and high school. Her help and intervention allowed our daughter to succeed in high school, and prepared her well for college, where she has done quite well and now entertains thoughts of attending graduate school. I recommend Ms. Massimino without reservation. - MM (parent)

This workshop not only covered the basics about strategies and ideas to consider when opening up a new business, but it challenged me to think about my future and the future of my company. I would not be where I am today as an Educational Therapist in private practice without the help of Learningwise Strategies and their professional development opportunities. Thank you Learningwise Strategies, I look forward to taking more workshops in the near future. - LP (Associate ET)