Coaching & Consultation for Parents

LearningWise Strategies, LLC provides individualized consultation services for families.  Consultation services for families may include:


•       Providing information about remediation or intervention programs/methods 

•       Further explanation of diagnoses or evaluation results

•       Assisting with finding appropriate professionals to work with students

•       Materials review to synthesize information and test results from other professionals and expand on accommodation suggestions

•       Helping with the planning, writing, and implementation of goals and accommodations for IEPs, 504 plans or other service plans

•       Suggestions for technology options 

•       Facilitating communication between clients, the family, the school, and other professionals

•       Homeschooling or distance educational support


Consultation services are individualized for each client/family to address their needs. Consultation services may include phone and in-person consultations, review of official documents, assessments, and evaluation reports, and communication with teachers.  


Consultation services may be acquired as a package, either alone or in conjunction with a diagnostic evaluation. Consultation service packages include a review and synthesis of information gathered from communication with the parents, the student, the teachers/professionals working with the student, previous diagnostic or progress reports, and the creation/revision of accommodations, modifications, and goals based on that information. In addition, packages include a written report and follow up meeting after information has been gathered. 

Individual consultation services are charged at an hourly rate, including travel time to meetings at locations other than the LearningWise Strategies office.