Enrichment & Homeschool Support

LearningWise Strategies specializes in working with unique learners, and meets their academic and executive functioning needs through building skills and strategies, and supporting their learning experiences outside of traditional school settings.

The individualized nature of homeschooling can certainly be a benefit to a child with a learning challenge or difference, as well as families seeking individualized enrichment learning opportunities. Support for parents with programming and implementing reading, writing, or math remediation instruction and individualized intervention for students in content areas, or to close skill gaps in reading, writing, math, or executive functioning are available.

Homeschooling & enrichment services are appropriate for situations including:

  • support to individualize the curriculum, learning environment, or schedule that a student/family needs

  • students who do not attend school because of a short or long term medical or emotional issue

  • continuing education while traveling for extended periods of time

  • virtual e-learning and blended learning for social distancing or other medical reasons

  • accelerating instruction/enrichment activities

  • remediation in an academic area (i.e reading, writing, math)

  • using specific methods or approaches for instruction that is beyond what parents feel comfortable teaching

  • incorporating areas of study that are interesting to a student but not typically taught in their regular school day

Although homeschooling is slightly different in focus from typical Educational Therapy services, an individualized program is always created for each client, including topics, strategies, and materials.