Evaluating Individual Learning Profiles

All students will need to have some sort of evaluation or screening before an individualized treatment plan can be established or implemented. This evaluation will:

  • provide insight into the child’s individual learning profile, including specific patterns of learning strengths and weaknesses

  • identify the child’s current levels of functioning

  • develop an appropriate individualized goals and program.

Every educational evaluation includes the test battery designed for that individual, a written report with specific recommendations based on that child’s individual learning profile, a consultation with the client (and the parents), and a proposal for an individualized Educational Therapy program, if appropriate.

A pre-evaluation conference will be scheduled first, which will allow us to:

  • review any previous testing reports

  • review teacher reports, comments, and report cards

  • discuss your concerns in depth

  • discuss the components of the evaluation

All diagnostic assessments and evaluations are individualized for each client. Evaluations include standardized, formal, and informal assessments, interviews, and observations designed to determine an individual learning profile for each client, including areas of strength, weakness, and learning preferences. Areas assessed might include reading, writing, mathematics, listening, study skills, organization, visual processing, auditory processing, critical thinking, and memory. Fees for screenings and evaluations are determined individually, based on the specifics of that evaluation.

All evaluations include a written report and a follow-up conference.