Executive Function Support

Executive Function Support Services are individualized for each client/family. However, the on-going focus usually includes:

  • Setting, and working toward, short-term and long-term goals

  • organizing a calendar and forming a daily/weekly plan for task completion

  • organization of materials

  • strategies to review information for quizzes and tests

  • building organization and study skill strategies

  • note taking strategies

  • incorporating technology to aid organization/ executive functioning skills

  • improving problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • executive functioning skill building

Coaching usually includes a combination of in-person or remote intervention and check-in sessions focused on strategies for building study skills, organizational/academic support with only minimal academic remediation. A minimum of two face-to-face (currently remote) meeting times per week is recommend for best progress. In addition to student sessions, coaching services includes up to 60 minutes weekly of communication and preparation including communication/check-ins with teachers, parents, the client/student, and/or other professionals working with the student), individualized preparation and material creation, and time devoted to finding out about assignments/projects, etc. In cases where an extreme amount of assistance is needed, time spent beyond that included 60 minutes of “communication and preparation” time in one calendar week will be reflected on the invoice at the current rate for coaching services.

Before Organizational Coaching services begin, a Learning Profile Screening/Intake needs to take place in order to determine the client’s preferred learning modality, gauge the client’s current understanding and usage of study skills and strategies, and learn more about the client’s individual learning style preferences and executive functioning skills.